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tv   Headline News  RT  May 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:02pm EDT

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a french soldier stabbed in the neck in an attack that draws comparisons with the recent beheading of a u.k. trooper and authorities investigating possible links between the two savage crime. thousands joined worldwide protests against kinetically modified foods amid fears for consumer health and the impact one company's having on farmers across the globe . the southern republican of dagestan again the scene of a deadly terror attack one person killed fourteen more injured in a suicide blast that rocked the capital. more news coming your way in less than an hour's time but first looking into the latest financial highlights on prime interest stay with us.
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good afternoon a welcome the prime interest i'm harry i'm boring here and washington d.c. and these are the stories that we're tracking today. who want to thought the banks are writing their own legislation that's what a new york times article or of the old one bill in particular is carving out exemptions for trades from knew what regulation according to the times the bill which quote was essentially citi group sailed through the house financial services committee and study group's recommendations were reflected in more than seventy lines of the house committee eighty five line bill while this probably comes as no surprise that the trend of banks carrying increasing influence is getting noticed which is probably not good for mr dimon at all an embattled hedge fund mongul stevie cohen continues to face pressure for possible criminal insider trading charges this after he recently had to pay six hundred million dollars to the f.c.c. to settle civil charges.